amongst liars

New from Amongst Liars – By Design ( Metal / Rock ).

amongst liars

Amongst Liars: The Journey of Eastbourne’s Energetic Modern Rock Band”

NMR – Super tight Metal vibes on this one, a great vocal delivery carries the track over the guitar driven arrangement, wicked mix and production to match.

Amongst Liars, an Eastbourne-based band, formed in early 2020 and quickly made a name for themselves with their unique blend of energetic modern rock. Their sound, characterized by powerful riffs and dynamic vocals, has resonated with rock enthusiasts and critics alike.

Their critically acclaimed debut album, Amongst Liars, was released in July 2022. The album received widespread support and airplay from major outlets such as BBC Introducing, Kerrang!, and Planet Rock. Singles from the album were A-listed on Primordial Radio, further cementing the band’s growing reputation.

Tours and Performances

In 2021 and 2022, Amongst Liars embarked on two headline tours and supported Theory of a Deadman on tour. They also joined Ayron Jones for a full UK tour and capped off the year with a BBC Introducing Live Lounge session.

The band continued their momentum in 2023 with a full UK tour alongside Theory of a Deadman. They also spent time in the studio recording their sophomore album, By Design, which is set for release in July 2024. The first single from the album, “The Shameful,” was voted Metal Hammer’s ‘Track of the Week.’

Amongst Liars toured France with Ayron Jones in February 2024 and are gearing up for a UK headline tour in July 2024. This tour includes HMV in store dates to promote their new album, By Design.

Amongst Liars have been recognized with several prestigious awards from Great Music Stories, including ‘Band of the Year 2021,’ ‘Album of the Year 2022,’ and most recently, ‘Band of the Decade.’

Stay tuned for more updates from Amongst Liars as they continue to make waves in the modern rock scene with their energetic performances and powerful music.

amongst liars

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New from Outhouse – Alive ( Indie Pop /Punk )


NMR – From the gun this track kicks with a catchy guitar riff, hotly followed with a well delivered lyric and melody, good song arrangement means the pace never drops, the drums and Bass keeping a solid rhythm as the chorus comes around to greet us , overall a cool track !

Hailing from Edenbridge in West Kent, Outhouse brings you energetic and upbeat indie rock reminiscent of the indie landfill era. Starting out as a covers band, we cut our teeth playing house parties, work parties, and working our way around the local pub scene. The Crown in Edenbridge has become our home venue!

Branching out from our cover band roots, we’ve written a bunch of indie bangers featuring the kind of jagged guitars, thudding basslines, and big choruses that we love so much!

This summer, we have a packed diary, culminating in the release of our first single ‘Alive’ on June 28th and a show at The Tunbridge Wells Forum!

Upcoming Release: ‘Alive’

Our track ‘Alive’ is a reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. The single will be released on all platforms on Friday, June 28th. An EP will follow later in the year, with an album also in the works.

Stay tuned for more updates, and catch us live at The Tunbridge Wells Forum!

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Chloe Charlotte

New from Chloe Charlotte – Killer ( Acoustic Folk / Pop ).

Chloe Charlotte

Chloe Charlotte picks up her pen to aim for our hearts and leave us questioning what is true Love”

NMR – A super smooth vocal dominates this track, the melody carries there track across the piano background as it builds the rhythm to wider soundscape”

Chloe Charlotte’s “Killer”: Dive into Devotion and Despair

“I often feel things with my entire being. Killer is inspired by that idea of loving someone so deeply, they could do the worst things possible and you would stick around.” – Chloe Charlotte

Chloe Charlotte has a poetic and romantic way with words, but Killer is far from a conventional love song. It tells the tale of being so consumed by another that you would stay by their side through more than just thick and thin. The artist paints a vivid picture of what it feels like to be enraptured and entwined with someone, revealing the hopelessness inherent in a pairing that is not truly mutual.

The song builds towards a poignant climax, illustrating the moment one realizes they’ve bound themselves to this person. The only way out is for both to go down together, underscoring the destructive nature of such an all-consuming connection.

“This song is a work of art. The lyrics touch my heart. I’m so proud of Chloe, I can’t wait for the EP, I need it now,” a fan passionately remarked.

Chloe Charlotte

Chloe Charlotte is touching more hearts by the day. With over 1,000 followers on Spotify and a presence in over 50 countries, her music is universally loved. Each new fan discovers something unique to cherish in her music and words. The community she’s built grows stronger and more beautiful by the day. Killer is only the beginning of Chloe Charlotte’s poetic journey, and her fans eagerly await the sequel to this tale of obsession, love, and heartache.

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silent wrath

New from Silent Wrath – Forged In Fire ( Death / Thrash Metal ).

silent wrath

Death Metal with a Horror movie theme from Silent Wrath…yes you heard it here, not for the faint hearted “

NMR – About as Metal as it comes, vocal with attitude, 100mph guitar riffs, with some cool riffs thrown in, Metals Heads unite !

Silent wrath was founded around 2012 by singer and guitarist Joe Ramírez and drummer Israel Astorga with the purpose of recording an old school extreme metal album inspired by classic horror movies, we recently released our video ‘Lasciate ogni speranza’ and our full length album and are recording our next material. 

silent wrath

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almost fine

New from Almost Fine – Are You Okay ( Indie synth / Pop)

almost fine

Up-and-Coming Singer-Songwriter “almost fine” Releases Anthemic Synth Pop Single “

NMR – A trip back to 80’s Synth Pop goodness here, some great sounds and that retro song arrangement with pulsing Bassline and dreamy vocal delivery, all wrapped up in nice mix and production,

Independent singer-songwriter Rachel Earl, known by her stage name “almost fine,” has released her new single “are you okay?” as of June 28th, 2024. This anthemic indie synth pop track showcases her unique ability to blend earnest storytelling with infectious melodies, creating a song that resonates with listeners on multiple levels.

“are you okay?” is a heartfelt and relatable exploration of Rachel’s personal journey with anxiety, transformed into a lighthearted and uplifting anthem. The song’s vibrant synths, catchy hooks, and Rachel’s distinctive vocals come together to deliver a message of hope and resilience, wrapped in a sound that’s both modern and nostalgic.

Earl, a resident of Tulsa, OK, and born and raised in the heart of America, has been quickly gaining recognition for her authentic and emotive songwriting. “are you okay?” continues this trajectory, offering fans a glimpse into her own experiences while inviting them to find comfort and camaraderie in the shared human condition.

“The song was inspired by an anxiety attack I had while in college,” says Earl. “I was struggling internally with something emotionally while in a public space, and I tried to hide it. One of my friends suspected something was wrong but didn’t quite understand, and it culminated in her yelling ‘are you okay?’ and us arguing. But the next day I was able to communicate to her how it made me feel, and I hope this song does that too.”

“are you okay?” is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

almost fine

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northern hospitality

New from Northern Hospitality – Break Free ( Indie Punk / Pop)

Northern hospitality

A new Indie Punk Pop vibe hits hard with this latest release from Northern Hospitality ”

NMR – High Octane Pop from this outfit, a strong vocal delivery and melody keep your ears pinned back, combined with the raw Punk guitar style it almost drifts into harder Rock, well worth a listen ” !

Northern Hospitality are a chaotic creation of punk-influenced themes infused with catchy melodies and heavy guitars. Every song sounds like an anthem, and their ethos reverberates through every fibre of their songs and live shows.

With a string of thunderous singles, Northern Hospitality have risen to critical acclaim. Having already supported Pete Doherty, the band are about to add joining Kaiser Chiefs and Feeder on the festival main stage to their growing resume. Fronted by Gaz Price, the band have quickly become one of the region’s heavy hitters.

Joined by Georgia Smith on drums, Nico Mouissie on bass, and Sean McCloskey on lead guitar, they show all the signs of taking the nation by storm.

Stay tuned as Northern Hospitality continues to electrify audiences with their punk-fueled energy and unforgettable anthems. Their rise to the top is just beginning, and they’re ready to make a lasting impact on the music scene.

northern hospitality

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the avelons

New from The Avelons – Since Monday ( Indie Pop)

the avelons

A new Indie Pop guitar vibe from The Avelons with melodic hooks from this 4 piece outfit “

NMR – A nice fresh guitar jangle groove from these guys, good arrangement, light and shade with energetic delivery and catchy lyric melodies, check them out !

With spine-tingling guitar riffs and vocals that effortlessly captivate, the Newcastle-based indie rockers continue to propel themselves into a new era with this latest single, which carries a reminiscent sound.

An anthem inspired by an unforgettable encounter with a person who feels destined to be a huge part of your life, ‘Since Monday’ from The Avalons is the soundtrack to moments of pure euphoria and joy. Wrapped up in this buzzy, jangly indie pop tune, it perfectly captures the intoxicating bliss of nights you wish could last forever.

In his own words, The Avalons lead singer Jack shares the meaning behind his lyrics:

“Have you ever encountered someone and suddenly found yourself soaring on cloud nine, floating home with an idiotic grin and a belly full of fire? Well, ‘Since Monday’ is that feeling. It’s the euphoria of discovering that person, your person. Last week I couldn’t have given a sh**, but since that Monday, I want to give you my everything. Last week I couldn’t be bothered to go downstairs… but since that Monday, I’d go to the ends of the Earth to get to see you again.”

the Avalons

Fast carving out their own worthy place in the current indie scene, The Avelons have electrified audiences with sold-out shows and secured support slots alongside favoured bands like The Clause, Stanleys, and Tom A Smith. Having rocked their largest audience yet at The Cluny, they are now set to take the stage at this year’s Isle of Wight Festival.

Get ready to be swept off your feet by The Avelons and their infectious new single, ‘Since Monday’ – the perfect anthem for those moments of pure joy and serendipity.

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Alistair James

New from Alistair James – Its Time to Move On ( Indie Pop / Acoustic )

Alistair James

“ Alistair James: The Heart and Soul of Middlesbrough’s Music Scene

NMR – David got in touch and presented us with this great new album and I have to say every track has a nice vibe, some great songwriting, good lyrics and arrangements combined with excellent mixes and production, over all really well put together piece of work, Ive chosen track 1 – Family in the link below, but follow the Spotify link to the album !

Hailing from the industrial heartland of Middlesbrough, UK, Alistair James is a singer-songwriter whose music captures the essence of working-class life with a blend of hope, wit, and poignant meaning. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists such as Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Kinks, The Byrds, and Ryan Adams, Alistair’s sound is a fusion of classic rock influences and contemporary storytelling.

Alistair James’s musical journey began in earnest in 2011. Armed with a guitar, piano, harmonica, and a voice that could convey deep emotion, he started playing open mic nights, tirelessly seeking his first booked gig. By day, he worked a menial job, pouring his earnings and his soul into his music. His perseverance paid off as his songs, characterized by their hopeful messages and astute observations of daily life, began to resonate with audiences.

Alistair James

In an unexpected twist, Alistair was approached by a producer from BBC’s The Voice. Despite the allure of instant fame, he declined, choosing to stay true to his artistic vision. His decision was vindicated when his music caught the attention of Tom Robinson, who featured him on BBC 6 Music’s Introducing show. Robinson praised Alistair’s ability to “deliver a delicious pop chorus,” and radio play soon followed.

Alistair’s growing reputation earned him an invitation to support Miles Kane on tour, where Kane declared from the stage, “Alistair is a phenomenal talent.” This momentum continued when Tom Clarke of The Enemy discovered Alistair’s music, labeling him “a f*****g genius!” This endorsement led to Alistair supporting The Enemy on tour, this time with a full band behind him, amplifying his already powerful performances.

A significant milestone in Alistair James’s career was his collaboration with renowned producer Mark Plati in New York City. Working alongside industry veterans like Richard Fortus (Guns ‘n’ Roses), Cindy Mizelle (Rolling Stones, E Street Band), and Everett Bradley (E Street Band, Bon Jovi), Alistair honed his craft and recorded several tracks. One standout from these sessions, ‘Have You Ever Been Low?’ was released as a single, garnering praise from Jammerzine blog, which hailed Alistair as “a face of the new generation.”

Despite his rising success, Alistair faced significant challenges in 2023 when surgery on his foot and then hand left him unable to play guitar. This setback was compounded by a bout of vertigo, forcing him to turn down gigs and leading to a period of personal struggle. However, Alistair’s resilience shone through. His new single, ‘It’s Time to Move On’, serves as a personal anthem and a message of perseverance. Reflecting on this period, Alistair stated, “It’s amazing how little ailments add up and get on top of you. They were starting to get to me, I had to shake it off and get back to playing guitar and performing again and a real rock n roll stomper served me best to do that.”

Alistair James made a triumphant return to the stage in May 2024, after nearly a year away. His comeback was met with acclaim, with Narc Magazine noting, “He’s always had the quality of material and just the right amount of swagger to win over any crowd…every song hits the mark.”

An Inspiring Journey

Alistair James’s journey is one of relentless dedication and authenticity. His music continues to inspire and connect with listeners, proving that his place in the music world is both earned and enduring.

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bohemian cristal

New from Bohemian Cristal Instrument – New Nature ( Ambient / Exp. )

bohemian cristal

A new Ambient Synth release from this indie songwriter “

NMR – Using some nice synth sounds and creating some real space , this track from Bohemian Cristal Instrument takes you on a mind bending journey ”

Behind the Concept of “New Nature”

The concept of “New Nature” envisions a posthuman world where technology, human beings, and nature merge to create a new unity. Acting as a soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic landscape, the song offers a sense of hope throughout. Lenka Morávková serves as a guide towards this new posthuman world, composing a cinematic score to this union by sculpting sound out of her innovative sonic sculpture, the BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT. In this hopeful eco-fiction, Lenka Morávková codes this new nature with no existing borders and translates her futuristic visions into a strongly emotional and powerfully built ambient electronic gem.

When it came to the recording process, “New Nature” has lived up to its name by being produced in a mountainous chalet on the highest peak of the Czech Republic. Beginning the song’s production shortly before the COVID lockdown of 2020, the recording of the BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT took place separately at Seahorse Sounds Studios in Los Angeles.

Paired with the new single comes a mesmerizing video teaser produced, stylized, and directed by Lenka Morávková. Featuring innovative VFX of liquid glass vegetation, the visuals were created by Metalvx, the team behind Grimes’ 3D Coachella visuals.

bohemian cristal

Lenka Morávková: A Multi-Sensory Journey with the BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT

Lenka Morávková takes you on a multi-sensory journey with her unique musical instrument made from glass, the BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT. This innovative creation is a translation of her local heritage into the sonic realm. Originally from the Northern Czech Republic, a region renowned for its glass industry, Morávková moved to Los Angeles through her academic studies and later obtained a prestigious artistic visa.

The BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT is not the first musical endeavor for Morávková, who previously held a compelling background as an electronic producer under the moniker MY NAME IS ANN. She frequently represents the Czech Republic as a delegate at various music events across the world (SXSW, MusExpo, M for Montreal, All About Music India, Reeperbahn), leads workshops, and gives lectures.

Morávková’s unique work with the BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT has also led to collaborations with various Hollywood and alternative composers. Notably, she has been featured with BCI in 2023’s “Teenage Kraken” by Grammy award-winning composer Stephanie Economou, on Jeff Rona’s new album, and worked with Bear McCreary on the “Halo” series, Jonathan Snipes (Clipping) for “Trespassers,” and Benjamin Wynn (Deru) for “Impulse,” to name a few.

During her short period with this project, she gave a TEDx talk and performed at the prestigious The Broad Museum in Los Angeles. Her video of an acoustic performance in the blooming desert of California went viral, reaching more than 2 million views. With BCI, she has performed at Eurosonic Noordeslag in the Netherlands, the largest and most prestigious European showcase festival, Summit LA, a world-class event for leading innovators, and many more. Most recently, the BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT performed at the major US festival Lightning In A Bottle in 2023.

“New Nature” offers an intriguing first taste of a debut album to be released in 2024.

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hello sister

Hello Sister – Empty Motive (Indie Pop / Punk)

 Check out a great new Pop Punk vibe from this Sister Act.

hello sister

“Hello Sister Unleashes Teenage Angst in Cathartic New Single “Empty Motive”

Another high energy release from this sister act, the attitude in the vocal delivery is evident, while all 3 voices combined hit hard, a nice Punk Pop vibe. 

Hello Sister is back with a mighty anthem, channeling raw indie rock energy to confront the sting of betrayal. “Empty Motive” explodes with the frustration and confusion of a teenage friendship gone wrong.

The song explores a broken friendship among teenagers, a situation familiar to many youths. “Empty Motive” captures the hurt and anger of being treated poorly without cause, with lyrics that declare, “I’ve done nothing wrong; your motives are empty.”

Hello Sister delivers a message of empowerment for young listeners. Their new track serves as a powerful release for anyone needing to vent their frustrations, whether it’s blasting through headphones or singing along at the top of their lungs.

With its commanding lyrics and undeniably catchy melody, “Empty Motive” aims to inspire listeners to break free from toxic friendships and embrace their self-worth. Hello Sister expresses their passion for the song: “We poured our hearts into ‘Empty Motive,’ and we hope it resonates with everyone who listens. It’s a song about finding your strength and knowing your worth, and we can’t wait for you all to experience it!”

This talented trio of sisters is having a blast playing their own instruments and creating music together. Stay updated by following Hello Sister on all social media and digital streaming platforms at @hellosistermusic.

About Hello Sister:

Driven by multi-talented siblings Grace (lead vocals, keyboards, and bass), Gabriella (background vocals and guitar), and Scarlett (background vocals and drums), Hello Sister is a pop-rock band with a unique, infectious sound. Their music blends authentic musicianship with high-energy performances, creating a captivating experience for audiences. Growing up near Orlando, FL, Hello Sister honed their musical skills at a young age, releasing their debut EP, “Three by Three,” in 2021. That same year, their original song “Middle Schooler” was showcased on America’s Got Talent, launching them into the spotlight. Inspired by their musical father and artists like Avril Lavigne, Paramore, and Taylor Swift, Hello Sister’s vibrant pop-rock sound is driving their rise to stardom.

In December 2023, Hello Sister delivered a spectacular performance at the iconic iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in New York City. Their win as Open For An Icon at the event demonstrated that Hello Sister is not just an opening act—they’re the emerging talents stealing the show.

Further solidifying their musicianship, Dove Haircare chose Hello Sister’s dynamic rendition of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” for their global campaign, “Beauty of Damage.” This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone for the band, propelling them further into the spotlight.

Hello Sister has rocked stages like EPCOT at Walt Disney World, the Special Olympics, and the Toyota Center’s Outdoor Concert Series, along with appearances at the Super Girl Surf Pro Festival, SunFest in West Palm Beach, and other notable events.

Beyond music, Hello Sister is passionate about giving back, supporting some of their favorite charitable causes such as hospitals with Seacrest Studios, an initiative of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, Musicians On Call, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Give Kids The World Village, among many others.


hello sister


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