Hello Sister – Empty Motive (Indie Pop / Punk)

 Check out a great new Pop Punk vibe from this Sister Act.

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“Hello Sister Unleashes Teenage Angst in Cathartic New Single “Empty Motive”

Another high energy release from this sister act, the attitude in the vocal delivery is evident, while all 3 voices combined hit hard, a nice Punk Pop vibe. 

Hello Sister is back with a mighty anthem, channeling raw indie rock energy to confront the sting of betrayal. “Empty Motive” explodes with the frustration and confusion of a teenage friendship gone wrong.

The song explores a broken friendship among teenagers, a situation familiar to many youths. “Empty Motive” captures the hurt and anger of being treated poorly without cause, with lyrics that declare, “I’ve done nothing wrong; your motives are empty.”

Hello Sister delivers a message of empowerment for young listeners. Their new track serves as a powerful release for anyone needing to vent their frustrations, whether it’s blasting through headphones or singing along at the top of their lungs.

With its commanding lyrics and undeniably catchy melody, “Empty Motive” aims to inspire listeners to break free from toxic friendships and embrace their self-worth. Hello Sister expresses their passion for the song: “We poured our hearts into ‘Empty Motive,’ and we hope it resonates with everyone who listens. It’s a song about finding your strength and knowing your worth, and we can’t wait for you all to experience it!”

This talented trio of sisters is having a blast playing their own instruments and creating music together. Stay updated by following Hello Sister on all social media and digital streaming platforms at @hellosistermusic.

About Hello Sister:

Driven by multi-talented siblings Grace (lead vocals, keyboards, and bass), Gabriella (background vocals and guitar), and Scarlett (background vocals and drums), Hello Sister is a pop-rock band with a unique, infectious sound. Their music blends authentic musicianship with high-energy performances, creating a captivating experience for audiences. Growing up near Orlando, FL, Hello Sister honed their musical skills at a young age, releasing their debut EP, “Three by Three,” in 2021. That same year, their original song “Middle Schooler” was showcased on America’s Got Talent, launching them into the spotlight. Inspired by their musical father and artists like Avril Lavigne, Paramore, and Taylor Swift, Hello Sister’s vibrant pop-rock sound is driving their rise to stardom.

In December 2023, Hello Sister delivered a spectacular performance at the iconic iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in New York City. Their win as Open For An Icon at the event demonstrated that Hello Sister is not just an opening act—they’re the emerging talents stealing the show.

Further solidifying their musicianship, Dove Haircare chose Hello Sister’s dynamic rendition of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” for their global campaign, “Beauty of Damage.” This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone for the band, propelling them further into the spotlight.

Hello Sister has rocked stages like EPCOT at Walt Disney World, the Special Olympics, and the Toyota Center’s Outdoor Concert Series, along with appearances at the Super Girl Surf Pro Festival, SunFest in West Palm Beach, and other notable events.

Beyond music, Hello Sister is passionate about giving back, supporting some of their favorite charitable causes such as hospitals with Seacrest Studios, an initiative of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, Musicians On Call, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Give Kids The World Village, among many others.


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