New from Adrien Latge – Buffering ( Indie Acoustic / Folk).

Adrien Latgé

Now and then a track comes along that has all the right ingredients, and this Melodic Acoustic release is one of those.

From the opening bars this has a sound that Mae you want to hear more, Adrien’s vocal style is very smooth and once layered onto the acoustic guitar backdrop it become a well delivered arrangement with a memorable chorus melody.

“Buffering” is a powerful acoustic ballad that delves into the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship. Each verse takes us through the difficulties of open and honest communication when circumstances have separated loved ones. The song touches on the hardship of connection in a digital world, where staying in touch should be easier, but relationships remain buffering, despite the affection present.

On the surface, “Buffering” displays a stagnating relationship, but on a second listen, it reveals itself as a reflective recollection of attempts to communicate with a loved one over time, as the connection (sometimes literal) gets weaker. At 5 AM, 10 AM, or too late at night, during difficult times for both parties, the time is never right to talk things through. The sudden urges to reach out are never met when too much relies on digital communication, even as both characters notice each other falling apart.

Adrien Latgé

About Adrien Latgé

After moving to London from France at the age of 19 with his first venture “Easymess,” Adrien Latgé brings us a new solo folk project under his own name. Focusing on his acoustic influences (Damien Rice, Marcus Mumford, Fleet Foxes), intimate songs, introspective lyrics, vocal harmonies, and soft musicality are brought to the forefront.

As a drummer, percussionist, and backing vocalist for well-established acts across the UK, Latgé has lent his ear and passion to a large network of musicians, both on stage and in the studio. With his original music, Latgé brings us songs focusing on life, relationships, mental health, and his experience of building new roots in the country he has spent most of his adult life in.

After several releases with Easymess, including “A Little Closer,” a collaboration with folk artist Jess Reid that now sits at half a million streams on Spotify, Latgé’s solo project launches with the new single “Buffering,” a powerful acoustic ballad about distance and a hard-to-maintain relationship.

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