New from Alistair James – Its Time to Move On ( Indie Pop / Acoustic )

Alistair James

“ Alistair James: The Heart and Soul of Middlesbrough’s Music Scene

NMR – David got in touch and presented us with this great new album and I have to say every track has a nice vibe, some great songwriting, good lyrics and arrangements combined with excellent mixes and production, over all really well put together piece of work, Ive chosen track 1 – Family in the link below, but follow the Spotify link to the album !

Hailing from the industrial heartland of Middlesbrough, UK, Alistair James is a singer-songwriter whose music captures the essence of working-class life with a blend of hope, wit, and poignant meaning. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists such as Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Kinks, The Byrds, and Ryan Adams, Alistair’s sound is a fusion of classic rock influences and contemporary storytelling.

Alistair James’s musical journey began in earnest in 2011. Armed with a guitar, piano, harmonica, and a voice that could convey deep emotion, he started playing open mic nights, tirelessly seeking his first booked gig. By day, he worked a menial job, pouring his earnings and his soul into his music. His perseverance paid off as his songs, characterized by their hopeful messages and astute observations of daily life, began to resonate with audiences.

Alistair James

In an unexpected twist, Alistair was approached by a producer from BBC’s The Voice. Despite the allure of instant fame, he declined, choosing to stay true to his artistic vision. His decision was vindicated when his music caught the attention of Tom Robinson, who featured him on BBC 6 Music’s Introducing show. Robinson praised Alistair’s ability to “deliver a delicious pop chorus,” and radio play soon followed.

Alistair’s growing reputation earned him an invitation to support Miles Kane on tour, where Kane declared from the stage, “Alistair is a phenomenal talent.” This momentum continued when Tom Clarke of The Enemy discovered Alistair’s music, labeling him “a f*****g genius!” This endorsement led to Alistair supporting The Enemy on tour, this time with a full band behind him, amplifying his already powerful performances.

A significant milestone in Alistair James’s career was his collaboration with renowned producer Mark Plati in New York City. Working alongside industry veterans like Richard Fortus (Guns ‘n’ Roses), Cindy Mizelle (Rolling Stones, E Street Band), and Everett Bradley (E Street Band, Bon Jovi), Alistair honed his craft and recorded several tracks. One standout from these sessions, ‘Have You Ever Been Low?’ was released as a single, garnering praise from Jammerzine blog, which hailed Alistair as “a face of the new generation.”

Despite his rising success, Alistair faced significant challenges in 2023 when surgery on his foot and then hand left him unable to play guitar. This setback was compounded by a bout of vertigo, forcing him to turn down gigs and leading to a period of personal struggle. However, Alistair’s resilience shone through. His new single, ‘It’s Time to Move On’, serves as a personal anthem and a message of perseverance. Reflecting on this period, Alistair stated, “It’s amazing how little ailments add up and get on top of you. They were starting to get to me, I had to shake it off and get back to playing guitar and performing again and a real rock n roll stomper served me best to do that.”

Alistair James made a triumphant return to the stage in May 2024, after nearly a year away. His comeback was met with acclaim, with Narc Magazine noting, “He’s always had the quality of material and just the right amount of swagger to win over any crowd…every song hits the mark.”

An Inspiring Journey

Alistair James’s journey is one of relentless dedication and authenticity. His music continues to inspire and connect with listeners, proving that his place in the music world is both earned and enduring.

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