New from Ben Wilkinson – Invoering [Transformational Connection]( Electro / Techno)

Ben Wilkinson

A new Electro / Techno track from Ben Wilkinson to keep going through the night”

NMR – Some great synth vibes here from a talented writer, some good arrangements and a great soundscape to get lost in

Ben Wilkinson: From Childhood Tunes to Trance Mastery

Ben Wilkinson, born in the vibrant capital city of England, has always had a deep-seated passion for music. From a young age, he was captivated by TV themes and computer game soundtracks. His first musical infatuation was with the legendary band Queen, and his favorite song, “Show Must Go On,” holds a special place in his heart.

As Ben grew older, his musical tastes evolved, and he found himself drawn to electronic music. The wide array of sounds and the creative possibilities fascinated him. During his teenage years, he started playing the piano, which laid the foundation for his musical journey.

In his late teens to early twenties, Ben discovered a profound love for Trance music. This genre resonated with him, and he spent countless hours honing his skills on his Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). By the time he reached his thirties, Ben felt confident enough to begin releasing his own music.

His first official release was a collaboration with Jill Winter, marking the beginning of his professional journey in the music industry. Since then, Ben has released multiple EPs, steadily building his discography.

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One aspect Ben particularly enjoys about creating music is crafting longer versions of his tracks. He explains, “I love creating longer versions as it feels as though I’m telling you the whole story.” This sentiment is vividly reflected in his latest release, “Invoering [Transformational Connection Theme 2024],” a trance instrumental that stretches over nine mesmerizing minutes.

Ben Wilkinson’s journey from a young music enthusiast to a Trance music artist is a testament to his dedication and passion. With each release, he continues to share his musical stories with the world, captivating listeners and expanding his artistic horizons.

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