New from Bohemian Cristal Instrument – New Nature ( Ambient / Exp. )

bohemian cristal

A new Ambient Synth release from this indie songwriter “

NMR – Using some nice synth sounds and creating some real space , this track from Bohemian Cristal Instrument takes you on a mind bending journey ”

Behind the Concept of “New Nature”

The concept of “New Nature” envisions a posthuman world where technology, human beings, and nature merge to create a new unity. Acting as a soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic landscape, the song offers a sense of hope throughout. Lenka Morávková serves as a guide towards this new posthuman world, composing a cinematic score to this union by sculpting sound out of her innovative sonic sculpture, the BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT. In this hopeful eco-fiction, Lenka Morávková codes this new nature with no existing borders and translates her futuristic visions into a strongly emotional and powerfully built ambient electronic gem.

When it came to the recording process, “New Nature” has lived up to its name by being produced in a mountainous chalet on the highest peak of the Czech Republic. Beginning the song’s production shortly before the COVID lockdown of 2020, the recording of the BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT took place separately at Seahorse Sounds Studios in Los Angeles.

Paired with the new single comes a mesmerizing video teaser produced, stylized, and directed by Lenka Morávková. Featuring innovative VFX of liquid glass vegetation, the visuals were created by Metalvx, the team behind Grimes’ 3D Coachella visuals.

bohemian cristal

Lenka Morávková: A Multi-Sensory Journey with the BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT

Lenka Morávková takes you on a multi-sensory journey with her unique musical instrument made from glass, the BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT. This innovative creation is a translation of her local heritage into the sonic realm. Originally from the Northern Czech Republic, a region renowned for its glass industry, Morávková moved to Los Angeles through her academic studies and later obtained a prestigious artistic visa.

The BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT is not the first musical endeavor for Morávková, who previously held a compelling background as an electronic producer under the moniker MY NAME IS ANN. She frequently represents the Czech Republic as a delegate at various music events across the world (SXSW, MusExpo, M for Montreal, All About Music India, Reeperbahn), leads workshops, and gives lectures.

Morávková’s unique work with the BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT has also led to collaborations with various Hollywood and alternative composers. Notably, she has been featured with BCI in 2023’s “Teenage Kraken” by Grammy award-winning composer Stephanie Economou, on Jeff Rona’s new album, and worked with Bear McCreary on the “Halo” series, Jonathan Snipes (Clipping) for “Trespassers,” and Benjamin Wynn (Deru) for “Impulse,” to name a few.

During her short period with this project, she gave a TEDx talk and performed at the prestigious The Broad Museum in Los Angeles. Her video of an acoustic performance in the blooming desert of California went viral, reaching more than 2 million views. With BCI, she has performed at Eurosonic Noordeslag in the Netherlands, the largest and most prestigious European showcase festival, Summit LA, a world-class event for leading innovators, and many more. Most recently, the BOHEMIAN CRISTAL INSTRUMENT performed at the major US festival Lightning In A Bottle in 2023.

“New Nature” offers an intriguing first taste of a debut album to be released in 2024.

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