New from Cecil Fernandez – Fonation (Electronic / Pop )

Cecil Fonation

Indie Electronica explored here, Cecil takes us on a trip to the other side of the circuit board .

This is an interesting piece, the sounds and sequences put together seem too explore the sounds in way that asks question, where is it going next ?…what instrument will follow ?

An Interesting groove and vibe to this, a mixture of songs a sequences make it both melodic and unpredictable, but neverthethe less, entertaining.

prod track files 805415 extra pictures Cecil fernandez 2

In the artists words…

fake world

fake emotions

hideous phonations

silly intonations

obnoxious incantations

rhymeless anthems

fragile generations

brand opinions

Ignorant estimations

peer pressurisation

commercial substitutions

Blinkered appellations

corporate advertisations

smartphone generation

gap phonation

Dont miss this one folks, make a note for future releases, see more Here

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