New from Chloe Charlotte – Killer ( Acoustic Folk / Pop ).

Chloe Charlotte

Chloe Charlotte picks up her pen to aim for our hearts and leave us questioning what is true Love”

NMR – A super smooth vocal dominates this track, the melody carries there track across the piano background as it builds the rhythm to wider soundscape”

Chloe Charlotte’s “Killer”: Dive into Devotion and Despair

“I often feel things with my entire being. Killer is inspired by that idea of loving someone so deeply, they could do the worst things possible and you would stick around.” – Chloe Charlotte

Chloe Charlotte has a poetic and romantic way with words, but Killer is far from a conventional love song. It tells the tale of being so consumed by another that you would stay by their side through more than just thick and thin. The artist paints a vivid picture of what it feels like to be enraptured and entwined with someone, revealing the hopelessness inherent in a pairing that is not truly mutual.

The song builds towards a poignant climax, illustrating the moment one realizes they’ve bound themselves to this person. The only way out is for both to go down together, underscoring the destructive nature of such an all-consuming connection.

“This song is a work of art. The lyrics touch my heart. I’m so proud of Chloe, I can’t wait for the EP, I need it now,” a fan passionately remarked.

Chloe Charlotte

Chloe Charlotte is touching more hearts by the day. With over 1,000 followers on Spotify and a presence in over 50 countries, her music is universally loved. Each new fan discovers something unique to cherish in her music and words. The community she’s built grows stronger and more beautiful by the day. Killer is only the beginning of Chloe Charlotte’s poetic journey, and her fans eagerly await the sequel to this tale of obsession, love, and heartache.

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