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“ A Melodic Fusion of Blues, Country, and Folk: David Woodman’s Musical Journey “

NMR – David got in touch and presented us with this great new album and I have to say every track has a nice vibe, some great songwriting, good lyrics and arrangements combined with excellent mixes and production, over all really well put together piece of work, Ive chosen track 1 – Family in the link below, but follow the Spotify link to the album !

David Woodman, the multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, has carved out a unique niche in the music world, creating a harmonious blend of Blues, Country, and Folk. His captivating live shows and regular live streams have attracted an international audience, drawn to his original songs and instrumental pieces on guitar, hammer dulcimer, lap steel, and banjo. Following the success of his 2021 instrumental album Alchemy, David returns this year with a new collection of songs titled Family.

Family, David’s sixth album, continues his exploration of the Transatlantic vibe, seamlessly weaving together influences from James Taylor, Richard Thompson, Bruce Hornsby, Mark Knopfler, and John Mayer. The album is a heartfelt celebration of connection and kindness, embodied in the title song’s lyric, “I’ve come to realise that family’s got nothing to do with blood.”

David Woodman explains, “I have a great natural family, but I know that’s not everybody’s experience. I’ve also been blessed to connect with people from all over the world, and that ability to have a found family is open to all of us. The last few years have been tough for many people, but remembering to be kind and taking the time to connect with others is really important. The 13 songs on the album are a mix of fictional stories alongside more personal songs.”

One of the standout songs, “Stay Strong Our Kid,” was written in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017. “I wrote it the morning after the bombing; I had friends who had been caught up in it, and I’d had messages from people in Europe and the States checking if we were OK. The song just poured out in a few minutes, remembering the best aspects of humanity in the face of the worst of it. I was honoured to sing it at our local vigil that evening in Heywood. I was reluctant to record it, but this album felt like the right time.”

“I’ve always been a fan of American music, and I’ve developed a loyal following over there since I began live streaming regularly on Twitch and Facebook in 2020, so it felt like the right time to have a more American sound for these songs,” David adds.

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Album Launch at The Met, Bury

To mark the launch of Family, David will perform a concert at The Met in Bury on June 28, 2024—his first show at the venue. “I’ve seen so many great artists perform at The Met over the years, so it’s a real thrill to perform there myself and share these songs with everyone. I can’t wait.”

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