New from Earthtones – You Are Not Alone (Indie Acoustic / Folk Pop ).


A chilled vibe with great vocal melodies complimented by a nice instrument arrangement.

I confess I was on the fence at the intro, but then as to built up, the arrangement became fuller, I got into the whole chorus melody, well produced and mixed, nice track.

The singer-songwriter band Earthtones is set to release their brand new single “You Are Not Alone” on June 9, 2024. This six-member band from Landeck, Tyrol captivates with an encouraging song dedicated to those going through tough times. Featuring their signature use of the violin and profound lyrics, Earthtones delivers a moving musical experience.

“You Are Not Alone” is a heartfelt song written by the band as a tribute to a father enduring a particularly difficult period. The emotionally charged melody and touching lyrics are meant to provide hope and comfort.

The new single serves as a teaser for the upcoming second album by Earthtones. Known for their catchy melodies and deep lyrics, the band once again showcases their ability to turn emotional stories into music with “You Are Not Alone.”

Look forward to another musical highlight from Earthtones and experience the touching sound of a band that knows how to reach hearts.

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Earthtones are:

  • Lukas Sprenger – Piano/Guitar/Backing Vocals/Production
  • Christian Hauser – Guitar/Backing Vocals/Production
  • Martin Dapoz – Vocals
  • Jasmin Mustedanagic – Bass
  • Hannes Dapoz – Drums/Backing Vocals
  • Anna Rausch – Violin

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