New from Hunter James & The Titanic – Why You always think you’ll end up alone ( Folk / Acoustic).

Hunter James

A Nice Acoustic Folk vibe from Hunter James, great vocal melody and arrangement.

NMR – I like the groove on this one, the vocal style and delivery is really smooth and has an appealing sound, the slide guitar adds some nice colour to the melodies, overall a good listen”

The Colorado-based folk-rock outfit, Hunter James & The Titanic, are making waves in the Americana/roots world with their first three studio albums: The Z-AxisLa Liberte, and Signals. Garnering support from notable publications such as New Noise Magazine303 MagazineBandwagon Magazine, and Westword Magazine, the group continues to grow in popularity across streaming platforms and radio.

Formed in 2019 and led by singer, songwriter, and guitarist Hunter James, The Titanic are now back with their newest three-track EP, Why You Always Thinking You’ll End Up Alone?, set for release on June 21st.

“Why You Always Thinking You’ll End Up Alone?”

The title track serves as a tunnel into the central cavern of the psyche. Dressed in Rickenbacker guitars and a locomotive-inspired harmonica intro, the song’s thesis seeks to assuage our collective worry, whether rooted in reality or only at the borders of our mind.

“Little One”

Delivered by slide guitarist and songwriter Jason Brazzel, “Little One” brings a track steeped in swamp, reflective of Brazzel’s Mobile, Alabama upbringing, to the forefront. Supported by The Titanic, this song adds a unique southern charm to the EP.

With notable opening slots for bands like The Crowe Boys, Ward Davis, Midnight North, and Cole Chaney, and performances at venues such as Cervantes Masterpiece BallroomThe Oriental TheaterLulu’s UndergroundThe LariatSchmiggity’sThe Colonel, and The Bluebird, Hunter James & The Titanic are expanding their touring schedule to both regional and national stages.

Working closely with Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Chris Beeble from The Blasting Room, Hunter James & The Titanic have crafted a unique sound on their newest EP. The recording, done on tape, emits a nostalgic, days-gone-by feeling reminiscent of Capitol Studios in L.A., while Beeble’s modern mix techniques add a contemporary touch to the record.

Hunter James & The Titanic continue to capture hearts with their blend of stoicism and open-hearted jangle, and their newest release is sure to resonate with fans both old and new. Don’t miss the release of Why You Always Thinking You’ll End Up Alone? on June 21st.

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