New from Millennial Daze – Teenage Queen (Indie Pop / Punk).


“ New Punk Pop release with great Energy, Punk vibes and melodies.”

Third Chapter of the Group’s New Era

The journey of Millennial Daze’s new era, which began in December 2023 with “Choke the Enemy” and continued with “Paranoia” in March 2024, now progresses with their latest single, “Teenage Queen.”

“Teenage Queen” is a striking realization conveyed with the irreverent edge of punk rock. The song is produced by Gianluca Veronal and released on Attitude Records, the label founded by Andrea Rock. With a pressing and fast rhythm, it revives the essence of classic punk rock while continuing the band’s exploration of contemporary and pop punk sounds.

In “Teenage Queen,” Millennial Daze tells the story of a typical high school crush—the seemingly mature and superior alternative girl. As she grows up, she realizes that the world she has meticulously built around herself is, in reality, made of plastic. The band captures this journey of self-discovery and disillusionment, portraying the discomfort of realizing one’s emptiness and feeling lost in life.


Biography: Millennial Daze

Millennial Daze is a dynamic trio hailing from Novara, Italy, known for their fresh and captivating sound. Their music blends 90’s punk rock, alternative rock, and new wave influences, creating a unique modern twist within the punk rock scene. The band is composed of Niccolò, Alessandro, and Nicolai.

Formed with the vision of introducing a contemporary sound to punk rock, Millennial Daze seamlessly combines “pop” style songwriting with the sharp, decisive sounds of punk. Their music addresses social, reflective, and personal issues, all while maintaining an energetic and melodic imprint.

Early Work and Evolution

In 2020, Millennial Daze released their debut EP, Sweet and Loud, featuring six tracks that emerged from their early years of experimentation. This was followed in 2022 by I Fought the Law, a tribute to The Clash, one of their major influences.

In 2023, Millennial Daze began a significant collaboration with Gianluca Veronal from Andead. As their producer, Veronal played a crucial role in the artistic and musical development of the group. This partnership led to the creation of “Jerk it Out” in the summer of 2023, a modern rearrangement of the Caesars’ hit.

Millennial Daze continues to push the boundaries of punk rock, infusing their music with contemporary elements while staying true to their energetic roots.

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