New from Neil Friedlander – Hollywood (Electro Folk / Pop ).

Neil Friedlander

Neil brings us a great track with electronic grooves, combined with a nice vocal delivery.

I like the feel of this, it has a deep rhythmic vibe complimented by a great vocal tone and delivery, the melody works well in this style.

Brooklyn-Based Singer-Songwriter Neil Friedlander Releases Sweeping Indie-Pop Anthem “Hollywood”

Neil Friedlander, a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, has unveiled his latest indie-pop anthem, “Hollywood,” as part of his two-song single which also features the mellow and moody track, “Fighter.”

In “Hollywood,” Friedlander collaborates with producer David Schoenwetter to create a sound that is both contemporary and exploratory, while also evoking nostalgia for the raves of the early 2000s. The track masterfully blends styles old and new, with airy synths and beats that generate an undercurrent of urgency. Neil’s soaring and expressive vocals lead the way, painting the picture of a wandering soul searching for salvation. The song crescendos with a sonic boom in the chorus, where Friedlander’s voice captures the listener’s emotion as he poses the poignant question: “Baby, don’t you get so sick of waiting // for your feet to hit the ground?”

Neil Friedlander

Dont miss this one folks, make a note for future releases, see more Here

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