New from O Kanenas – Fire Of Your Soul(Indie Rock / pop Fusion).

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A mystic blend of strings and guitar takes the listener on an audio experience.

O Kanenas – Introducing My Fourth Spotify Release: A Fusion of Hard Rock and Greek Folk Music

I am thrilled to announce the release of my fourth Spotify album, a unique blend of hard rock and rich Greek folk influences. This project features three songs, each showcasing the hauntingly beautiful Pontiac lyra (also known as kemence in Turkish), an instrument from the Black Sea region of Pontos, masterfully played by Nikolas Petridis. The O Kanenas album’s concept centers around discovering the inner fire to overcome life’s challenges and achieve your dreams.

1. Fire of Your Soul

This song, set in a 7/8 beat, draws inspiration from the traditional Pontiac dance Pyrrhichios, also known as the Fire Dance, which traces its origins to an ancient Spartan war dance. The lyrics explore the four elements of our world and the inner fire that empowers us to battle our demons and unleash our creative potential.

2. Dark Wizard

With a driving rock beat and arabesque orchestral and percussive touches, “Dark Wizard” features the lyra playing a repetitive, drone-like melody. This represents the persistence needed to reach one’s goals and find where one truly belongs.

3. Smoke is in the Wind

In a 5/8 time signature, this track allows the Pontiac lyra to shine, highlighting its expressive capabilities. The song addresses themes of displacement and resilience, inspired by the experiences of my grandparents who, as refugees from Asia Minor, rebuilt their lives from scratch. The lyrics offer a message of hope and strength, urging listeners to rise from their ashes and look forward. The song culminates in a jubilant dance, featuring a clarinet, celebrating the indomitable human spirit. Despite the ongoing tragedies of war and displacement, this track is a tribute to the enduring resilience of refugees worldwide.


  • Music and Lyrics: O KANENAS
  • Pontiac Lyra: Nikolas Petridis
  • Drums: Richard Orpheus Campbell
  • Bass (Fire of Your Soul and Dark Wizard): Kostis Ilias
  • Fretless Bass (Smoke is in the Wind): Richard Orpheus Campbell
  • All Other Instruments and Vocals: O KANENAS
  • Mixed and Produced: O KANENAS
  • Master Engineer: Mike Indovina

This album is a testament to the power of blending diverse musical traditions and the resilience of the human spirit. I hope it resonates with you and inspires the fire within you.

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