New from Piper Connolly – Muse ( Indie Pop / Rock).

piper connolly

A new Pop Punk release with edgy groove and high energy, a good performance from Piper Connolly here

NMR – I really like the power of this track and the vocal delivery matches it all the way, some nice guitar work and harmony arrangements, overall a well produced track, dont miss it !

Thirteen-year-old songwriter and performer Piper Connolly has unveiled her latest single, “Muse,” a pop-punk anthem about navigating the complexities of friendship and unrequited love. With a fresh and compelling sound, Connolly is quickly establishing herself in the music industry. Stream and download “Muse” on all digital platforms now.

In “Muse,” Piper Connolly explores the challenge of setting aside her infatuation for someone who didn’t reciprocate her feelings, fearing she might lose them entirely. “While working on this song, I was inspired by a personal situation. ‘Muse’ is all about having feelings for someone who didn’t feel the same way back,” she shares. “The kicker, though, was that we made an awesome team creatively. So, I faced a choice: let my emotions mess with our vibe or keep pushing forward and make some great stuff. I went with the latter, deciding that our collaboration was more important than my one-sided crush.”

The track presents a relatable message of grappling with one’s emotions and making a tough decision, even when it’s not the one you hoped for. Its heart-wrenching lyrics tell a story of the misery of compressing and masking affection. Connolly’s dynamic vocals, infused with her edgy punk flair, transform the track into an emotional anthem. Producer Marvin Fockens collaborated with Connolly to create this fiery and resonant song.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Piper Connolly is an alt-pop rising star known for her electric blend of sonic exploration and soul-searching sound. Her music has been described as “Adderall-laden cotton candy,” capturing her mature persona while drawing comparisons to icons such as Avril Lavigne and Paramore. She seamlessly blends elements from all eras of rock and pop, taking her listeners on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Her music showcases early sounds of rock ‘n’ roll, ska music, 90s grunge, and hints of R&B, all while reflecting her unique personal experiences.

Connolly captivates her audience with live performances, bringing an irresistible presence honed from her time as a child actress. She creates an inclusive and loving community for her fans, driven by her passion for authenticity and self-expression, something many crave, especially throughout their impressionable teen years. With her natural talent and dedication, Connolly is poised to make a significant impact in the industry.

Join Piper Connolly on her musical journey with her new single “Muse.” Be a part of her story as she continues to share her experiences and inspire others through her music by following her on Instagram @HerNameisPiperConnolly and visiting her website

piper connoly

Dont miss this one folks, make a note for future releases, see more Here

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