New from Stone Deaf – Treat Me Like Dirt (Indie Pop Punk).

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A new exciting Indie Pop punk band Stone Deaf bring us their new release combining guitar riffs and great energy .

NMR – These guys got in touch to enlighten me about their latest track, and it doesn’t disappoint, good guitar vibes, great mix and production, combines with good melodic lyric lines.

Stone Deaf: The Rising Stars of Welsh Indie/Alt Rock

Stone Deaf is an Indie/Alt Rock band formed by three friends in Swansea, playing their first show in October 2023. Since then, they have made a huge impression on the Welsh music scene, known for playing very high-energy sets and sold-out shows across South Wales.

Breakout Singles and Collaborations

In late 2023, they released their first single, “Don’t Tell Me,” followed by their second single, “What Good Is Sorry?” in early 2024. Stone Deaf has already worked with some of the biggest names in Welsh music, including Tom Rees (Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard) and Simone Lombardi (Sound Engineer for Catfish and the Bottlemen).

New Release: “Treat Me Like Dirt”

Their newest release, “Treat Me Like Dirt,” boasts a powerful new sound filled to the brim with energy. Honed in the studio with award-winning producer Romesh Dodangoda, these three lads blast their way back into the scene ready to make some noise!

Critical Acclaim

Reviewers have compared Stone Deaf to rock music royalty such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and indie-rock legends Dirty Pretty Things. They have been described as having “hideously tasty choruses,” with their second single being “an absolute turbo-charged, blues-rock tinged, beast of a tune.”

Stone Deaf continues to fill their schedule with gigs across the UK and recording new music. Follow their socials for all updates.

Band Members:

  • Michael Pole (Vocals/Guitar)
  • Travis McDonagh (Bass)
  • Will Walton (Drums)

Stay tuned for more high-energy performances and new releases from Stone Deaf, the band that’s taking the Welsh music scene by storm!

stone deaf

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