New from The Avelons – Since Monday ( Indie Pop)

the avelons

A new Indie Pop guitar vibe from The Avelons with melodic hooks from this 4 piece outfit “

NMR – A nice fresh guitar jangle groove from these guys, good arrangement, light and shade with energetic delivery and catchy lyric melodies, check them out !

With spine-tingling guitar riffs and vocals that effortlessly captivate, the Newcastle-based indie rockers continue to propel themselves into a new era with this latest single, which carries a reminiscent sound.

An anthem inspired by an unforgettable encounter with a person who feels destined to be a huge part of your life, ‘Since Monday’ from The Avalons is the soundtrack to moments of pure euphoria and joy. Wrapped up in this buzzy, jangly indie pop tune, it perfectly captures the intoxicating bliss of nights you wish could last forever.

In his own words, The Avalons lead singer Jack shares the meaning behind his lyrics:

“Have you ever encountered someone and suddenly found yourself soaring on cloud nine, floating home with an idiotic grin and a belly full of fire? Well, ‘Since Monday’ is that feeling. It’s the euphoria of discovering that person, your person. Last week I couldn’t have given a sh**, but since that Monday, I want to give you my everything. Last week I couldn’t be bothered to go downstairs… but since that Monday, I’d go to the ends of the Earth to get to see you again.”

the Avalons

Fast carving out their own worthy place in the current indie scene, The Avelons have electrified audiences with sold-out shows and secured support slots alongside favoured bands like The Clause, Stanleys, and Tom A Smith. Having rocked their largest audience yet at The Cluny, they are now set to take the stage at this year’s Isle of Wight Festival.

Get ready to be swept off your feet by The Avelons and their infectious new single, ‘Since Monday’ – the perfect anthem for those moments of pure joy and serendipity.

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