New from The Fading Effect – Bittersweet Things (Indie Pop).


“ Announcing a new Melodic Piano Ballad from The Fading Effect “

We recently discovered a captivating piano-themed ballad that stands out with its remarkable vocal delivery and melodies, beautifully enhanced by intricate harmonies.

The Fading Affect is the innovative project of English songwriter Chris Stokes, designed to connect his melody-driven songwriting with a global audience. This new venture showcases a diverse collection of songs penned by Chris, each featuring collaborations with a variety of exceptional vocalists.

The debut single from The Fading Affect, “Bittersweet Things,” is a poignant new ballad that delves into the heartache of “the one that got away.” This emotional narrative is brought to life by the exceptionally talented singer Liv Bennett, whose performance adds depth and sincerity to the song’s haunting lyrics and moving piano accompaniment.

Chris Stokes shares his passion for songwriting: “I’ve always loved creating music that stirs emotions. The more heartfelt, the better. ‘Bittersweet Things’ is a song that means a great deal to me, and I hope it resonates with listeners on a deep level. The first time I heard Liv sing it, I was absolutely blown away by her ability to convey the song’s emotions. I believe others will feel the same.”

With its combination of evocative lyrics, beautiful melodies, and outstanding vocal performances, The Fading Affect’s “Bittersweet Things” is poised to make a significant impact on listeners around the world. Keep an eye on this project as Chris Stokes continues to release more emotionally charged and melodically rich songs in collaboration with gifted artists.


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