New from The Fan – Single For the Summer ( Indie Pop / Rock).

the fan

β€œ A new high energy Pop release from 4 piece outfit The Fan, all the groove and melodic vibes you can handle !

NMR – These guys got in touch and Im really glad I checked out this new track, great mix and production, good vocal delivery and melodies, overall good vibe and worth a listen !

The Fan, from across the pond in Richmond, VA, have just released their new track, “Single for the Summer.” the would love for you to check it out!

Some brief background. I’ve been a musician for twenty years, spending extended stretches outside Richmond in both New York City and Nashville. In March of 2023, just three weeks before their horrific civil war began, my former Nashville band, The Ivins, became the first American rock artist to perform in Sudan. The Fan was created as a counterbalance to that tense, but meaningful, experience, aiming to generate music that evokes positivity, escapism and nostalgia, leading to our debut EP, Nostalgia.

the fan

Dont miss this one folks, make a note for future releases, see more Here

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