Viktor & Grace – All that Binds Us (Indie Acoustic / Folk)

Lets check out a great new Ambient melodic ballad from this Duo”

viktor & Grace


“This track from Viktor & Grace brings a really nice mix of instrumentation and vocal harmony”

I picked up on this track from a random social media post, and Im so happy I did !
Its really well composed and pout together, the arrangement is really nice, the vocal delivery and harmonies works so well together, and the instrumentation is very well done, all in all a song that deserves to be heard .
“Viktor and Grace are a singer-songwriter duo from the Netherlands, creating intimate and dreamy indie-folk music. Currently we are in the process of changing our name to Even the Summer. The new name symbolises the endless feeling of summer we felt when we were young.
We both started out as classical guitarists but fell in love while writing folky songs together, and we’ve never stopped. The bond we share marks the beginning of our lives together as musicians. Our new single “Strangers” will be released on June 21st.
We love every part of the recording process, whether we’re writing together or alone, playing together, producing the songs, or mixing and mastering our own music. Being involved in every step requires a lot of dedication and research, but it’s a dream come true for both of us. We even moved out of the city to better focus on our recording.
Inspired by legendary artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Nick Drake for their lyrical depth, we strive for a timeless quality in our music. Contemporary artists such as Gregory Alan Isakov, Watchhouse, and Iron & Wine have also influenced our modern take on this timeless sound. We find freedom in creating music we love, and we hope you enjoy it too!”

viktor & Grace


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